Adopt a welfare pet and it will love you forever

We witnessed this firsthand and we recommend this highly, because if you are truly an ardent lover of animals, you will be richly rewarded this time around for taking good care of your new orphan. Generally, its either going to be a dog or a cat, but stranger adoptions have taken place. Those sorts of adoptions even dabble in wild animals that have been abandoned by their mothers for both natural and tragic reasons.

Then there are those little wild animals that have been left for dead by poachers who have cruelly maimed and killed its mothers. But for the time being, let us stick to the incident witnessed just recently. There was this case of a mature husband and wife couple who had just one daughter approaching the latter stages of junior school. She was taught from a young age to love and respect all creatures, even those tiny ones with eight legs and those scaly ones that tend to have forked tongues.

Along with this little girl’s love and respect, came knowledge through reading and in her earlier, formative years, looking at pictures mostly. She was also taken to what they call petting zoos and farms where animal lovers are encouraged to visit. But being a single child, she would often get quite lonely, especially during school holiday breaks. So the good parents decided to get her a little dog to keep her company.

This was not just any old dog. It was a young but growing pet spotted at a nearby welfare center for abandoned dogs and cats. The creature was so docile and sometimes quite fearful during its first days in the house, but after a few weeks, it followed the little girl wherever she went.