Could it be thousands of years ago that the ancient Kenko Ashitaba originated along the islands of southern Japan? To find out more how the Kenko Ashitaba farming practice evolved since then and how it is being sustained today, you could visit places like www.kenko.green to give yourself an extensive knowledge tour. If time is of the essence, do boil yourself a nice cup of green tea and read through these next few lines.

Your green tea is quite fine. It’s naturally good and healthy for you. It’s got its minerals and vitamins and it’s got its traditional antioxidants too. But scientists have declared after extensive testing research that the tea that is harvested from the Kenko Ashitaba tree carries a far superior and more potent blend of antioxidants.   This allows for it to act as a natural energy booster and flu buster. It is also soothing to the skin, acting as both a cleanser and healer of wounds.

Emotional wounds can also be cured with a good cup of Kenko Ashitaba tea. It is good for reducing stress and anxiety levels and those who suffer from chronic depression ought to give it a try. Although it must be said that those who suspect depression in their bloodstream seek help from their medical practitioners first hand. Nevertheless, there can be no doubt that the use of Kenko Ashitaba tea leaves or its processed powder form brings only benefits and no or little side effects

The planting, growing, cultivating and harvesting of the Kenko Ashitaba orchid is organic and sustainable. No pesticides are used. Folks at home that are enthusiastic about organic gardening can also learn how to plant and grow their own trees. Go and pay a visit to the abovementioned place, as suggested then. Industrially and for commercial distribution, processing techniques are no doubt sustainable as well.

After the tea leaves are harvested, low heat processing techniques are brought to bear in order to preserve the integrity of the fresh leaves and ensure that all medicinal and health benefits remain locked in when the leaves are compounded into its pure and easy to utilize powdered form.  The consumption of the powdered tea is indeed sustainable. To derive full benefits in a single day, all it takes is just half a spoon.

All that is needed is just one cup of boiled water. Consumers still have more healthy choices to make. They can add the tea powder to their favorite smoothies or fruit juices for a kick-ass effect, boosting energy levels and lightening moods. Or they can remain eloquent during the exercising of their tea drinking habit by simply stirring in a dash of farm fresh fat free milk or the alternative almond or coconut varieties.  Drinking green tea is an acquired taste in any case, so add a little organic or raw honey to your tea until you are able to adjust your taste buds to this new flavor.